Why isn't my subdomain working?

Subdomain Connection Checklist!

(for Strikingly-bought and other registrar-bought domains.) After you’ve gone through the subdomain connection tutorial, refreshed, and waited for at least several minutes, you can check to see progress.

Note: some domain registrars may take up to 48 hours to update! Double-check your settings and come back to the site later.

If you bought your domain from Strikingly, you could access your domain's DNS manager through "MY DOMAINS".

Go to http://subdomain.yourdomain.com

  1. If this tells you that no page exists or page not found, then you probably haven’t set up a CNAME for “subdomain” pointing to “s.strikinglydns.com.” See tutorial.

    a) check your spelling
    b) make sure you only have one CNAME for "subdomain" (this could be anything you prefer)
    c) you may have to wait longer

  2. If this redirects you to yoursiteurl.strikingly.com, you have set up subdomain forwarding. You should be using a CNAME instead! See tutorial

NOTE: We cannot set up directories such as yourdomain.com/directory. We can only set up subdomains. Thank you! 

Still a mystery? Email support@strikingly.com, and we'll write back soon or chat with us!

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