Adding and Managing Sections


To learn how to add, delete, rename, and reorder sections, watch our short Youtube tutorial -


Or follow the steps below!

1. Click the "Add New Section" button on the left panel.


2. Then scroll through the available sections and choose whichever you'd like to add to your site.

How do I duplicate a section?

  1. Choose the section you want to duplicate (Click on the section name).

  2. Click on the "gear" icon inline with the section name highlighted, then select "Duplicate".


Note: The following sections cannot be duplicated:

  • App Store/HTML section
  • Simple Store
  • Simple Blog
  • Social Feed


How do I delete a section? 

Do you think a certain section is not really working for you? Or a certain section does not jive with how the template works?

Below are steps on how you can get rid of sections you don't want on your site:

1. From your Dashboard, hit "EDIT" to get you your site editor.

2. Choose the section you want to delete (Click on the section name).


3. Click the "X" button beside the section name to delete the section.
You will be prompted that the action cannot be undone, so be very careful about which section you delete.



4. A dialog box will pop out to ask for confirmation. Click "OK" to continue.


That's it, happy editing! 


How to rename a section?

To rename a section, follow these steps:

1. Go to your site editor and double-click the section name to select it.


2. Type the name you want.

3. Click "Enter" on your keyboard or click the green check icon to save the changes. 



  • If you're on our new version 4 editor, you can recover deleted sections as long as you haven't closed or exited the site editor. You can do that by clicking the undo button (back arrow icon). 


  • If you're on our old version of the editor (version 3), section deletions are permanent and can't be recovered. 


Here's more about the sections:


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