Add Audio or Music to Your Website

How do I add audio files to my site?

We support embedding audio files, MP3 files from SoundCloud. 


Here's how:

1. Add a new section to your site by clicking "Add New Section" in the left panel.

2. Select the "App Store & HTML" section under the Advanced category.


3. In the new App Store & HTML  section, click "Edit" and select "SoundCloud" from the available apps. 


4. Paste in the URL of your SoundCloud audio clip. You can also use URLs for albums, artists, or collections.

5. Click "Save" and "Publish" to update the live site.


Note: We do not support direct uploading of MP3 files to our website, adding it to SoundCloud is a workaround we can use to add it to your website.


In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.


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