Fixing Error Message: "The Requested URL Cannot be Found"

If you see the error "The Requested URL Cannot be Found"  while trying to access your Strikingly website, here's what you can do:

1. Check the URL

  • Maybe you're typing it wrong--missing a letter or a punctuation. Domains and URLs are pretty sensitive (not case sensitive though) so do a double check before hitting Enter!

2. Check your domain settings

  • Something might be wrong with your DNS settings or it's not properly pointing to your Strikingly site. Check out the right settings in this article
  • You may have forgotten to enter your domain on your site editor. Go to your site editor and click Settings > Custom Domain. Make sure that you have the right domain on the custom domain box. 
  • If you recently connected your domain, it might take up to a few hours before the DNS propagates. If, after 24 hours and your domain is still not connected, check your settings again or email us so we can help!

3. Check if your domain has expired

  • Expired domains also turns up this results so make sure to check with your registrar (where you purchased your domains). 

4. If you purchased your domain from us, email us at or chat with us.

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