Managing Products on Simple Store

Reorder Products

In your product manager, you can reorder and delete products.



To reorder a product, click on one of your products, and drag and drop the product to where you want it to be. After reordering, your products will be shown in the order you set in the Product panel on your site.




To delete a product, click the gear icon and choose "Delete".


Copy Your Product URL

You can copy the product URL from the top right corner of the product editor and share it with your customers directly, or you can share the product URL on social media to drive more traffic to your online store.



Remember, as a Free or Limited user, you can add one product to your store. Pro users can add up to 300 products per site, and VIP users can add unlimited products per site.

Hide/Unhide Products

If you need only a partial list of your products shown in your online store but want to add them ahead of time, you can now hide some of your products.



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