Sending Emails from a Free Email Address

When sending emails with Strikingly (e.g. for Newsletters or Email Automations), you must set a Sender Profile. Your From Email address is the address you use to send emails from and receive replies. 


Due to email regulatory policy, if you use an email address from a free service provider such as,, or, your emails will have a low delivery rate, because mail services may not accept marketing emails sent from free email addresses. To help you ensure that most of your contacts receive your emails, we will change your From Email to an authenticated address owned by Strikingly. 


How Strikingly Helps Your Delivery Rates.

If you enter a free email address as your From Email, we’ll automatically make a change to your email address each time you send an email. All the changes are on our side, so you can keep using your free email domain and we'll handle the rest.


We’ll use the subdomains as the From domain for your email address when you send. Replies from the recipient will still go to your original email address. 


For example, if your email is, we will modify it to


Note: This solution will help, but it can’t fix all delivery issues. We strongly recommend using a custom domain email (e.g. for your From Email, which builds trust with recipients and looks more professional. Learn how to create a custom email with Strikingly.

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