Adding SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions/Tags

The page title appears in the browser tab and search results, help visitors understand the page's content. The meta description (meta tags) is the snippet that summarizes the site's content on the search engine results page - and adding it to your site is very important for improving your site's search engine ranking. 




Before You Begin

  • Meta Description is not visible on the page itself, they appear in the code and instruct search engines to display in search results.
  • Adding a meta description does not guarantee automatic updates or add information in search results. It is determined by search engines. To speed up this process you can Verifying Google Search Console and Submitting Sitemap or request a re-index using Google Search Console.
  • Search engines cut off descriptions around 160 characters.



Tips for Good Meta Descriptions

  • A good meta description is short, to-the-point, and tells the searcher what they'll get when they land on your site, and an accurate meta description can help improve your clickthrough. For example:
    Johnny's Bakery is a gourmet bakery and confectionery based in the Mission in San Francisco. We started in 1965 and we've been offering delightful bread, cakes, pies, and cookies to happy customers ever since!
  • If you don't write any meta description, Google will automatically generate the snippet for you, but it might not be what you want to be displayed to searchers. 
  • Do not use the same meta description for different pages of the same site. Pages that have the same meta descriptions are competing with each other for ranking in the same keyword searches.



Add a Meta Description (Site Description) for Home Page

1. Go to your Strikingly site editor, click "SETTINGS > "Basic Info".

2. Put your description text in the "Site Description" box.



Add Meta Descriptions (Site Descriptions) for Individual Pages

If you have a multiple-page site, you can set a unique meta description for each individual page.


1. Go to your site editor, and click "MANAGE" next to PAGES.


2. Click the page's gear icon.

3. Select “SEO settings”. 


4. Put your description text in the "Meta Description" box.




Add Page Titles for Individual Pages

1. Go to your site editor, and click "MANAGE" next to PAGES.

2. Click the page’s gear icon.

3. Select “SEO settings”. 

4. Put your title text in the "Custom Title Tag" box.



Page title is different from page name. The page name appears on the site menu while the page title appears in the browser tab and search results.


Tips for page titles

  • Each page should have a unique, descriptive, and relevant title. 
  • Add your target keyword in the title.
  • Use "|" to distinguish different parts of your title.
  • Avoid using angle brackets, it could be invisible for search engines. 
  • The length of the title should be less than 70 characters.


For more tips about improving your site‘s search engine ranking, visit Improve Search Engine Ranking (SEO).


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