I'd really like a way to monetize my blog other than just affiliate links Deborah Connor 8 条评论 33 已回答
Add Autoresponder to Strikingly's Contact Froms Angela Ognev 8 条评论 26 已完成
This is a test post with images! Daniel Gong 7 条评论 1
unique sharing image Reid Withrow 7 条评论 5
Button Customization Michael Tan 7 条评论 0 已完成
Automated email sign up upload into mailchimp Sophie 7 条评论 11
Product Sale Price Joshua 7 条评论 3
Footer Cason Carter 7 条评论 4
Add a search feature on the site and/or blog Marion Pirazzi 7 条评论 10 已完成
Monthly billing for subscription services Freddie Bloor 7 条评论 7 已完成
Option to hide time & date in blog area Tom Braley 7 条评论 9 已完成
Adjustable "Blank" Height Separater Sections Flip 7 条评论 13 已回答
Cookies warning Burcet 7 条评论 19 已完成
Inactive Section in Sidebar (or publish state / unpublish state) Chris Hopf 7 条评论 17 已完成
add support for google analytics Erik 7 条评论 6 已完成
Add a Real Estate template (more comments needed!) Dave 7 条评论 12 已完成
More font typeface choices (or easy google font integration). Anonymous 7 条评论 21 已完成
Multiple Video Embeds / videographers template Linda 7 条评论 16 已完成
Set up Multi-language support without consuming pro sites Mgarnau 6 条评论 8
Uniquely identifying leads from multiple Contact/Signup forms Mark 6 条评论 5 已回答
How to add a guestbook Rosemay dahan 6 条评论 0 已回答
upload file Matthijs van der Pol 6 条评论 1
Opacity adjustment setting for textbox background/image Zc 6 条评论 3 已回答
Manage "hreflang" Raf 6 条评论 3
Link do Blog Categories Paulo Andrade 6 条评论 6
Multi Pages SEO Remi Fructus 6 条评论 9 已回答
Add a Login Section Khaled Gamal 6 条评论 1 已回答
Allow Users to Alter Text In the Product Confirmation Emails (Via Simple Store feature) Anita 6 条评论 9
attach links to images in the gallery Amy 6 条评论 2 已回答
file transfer protocol (FTP) functionality Laura 6 条评论 9