Ability to notify me which sign up (Class) was chosen not general statement a sign up occured. Jeanne Martin DONE 0 条评论 0
Have more than 1 drop down option in store for clothing color and clothing size. Kaylene Abernathy 0 条评论 0
Ability to add an Accessbility Statement Jana Hexter 0 条评论 1
Add MAD as a currency Loubna 0 条评论 0
vcard file format *.vcf Erik 0 条评论 0
Two Level Dropdown Menu Steve Ladd 3 条评论 5
Change language (multi-language site) Anonymous 18 条评论 43 已回答
Sort prices under products Edward Taguba 0 条评论 0
Simple store in more languages Nicole 0 条评论 1
Should: Embed MailChimp to Strikingly template Jardenblack26 1 条评论 1
Upsell and Recommended Products Joquel 1 条评论 2
Product Reviews in Simple Store Dauray Impersine 9 条评论 10
Allow Social Share image/text for individual pages Guillaume Bonnet 1 条评论 2
unique sharing image Reid Withrow 7 条评论 5
Organizing Gallery Into Albums Justin Kibbel 4 条评论 4
Multiple Buttons On Header Spacetwin LLC 0 条评论 0
Set up Multi-language support without consuming pro sites Mgarnau 6 条评论 8
Image holder to have slide show option for multiple pictures Danielle Abbott 0 条评论 0
Automatically forward Strikingly sign-up form to an external email database such as Mailchimp Dave Weatherall 4 条评论 6
Spotify & other media plugins Morgan 1 条评论 1
Custom Resize Sections Grayson Smith 1 条评论 2
More Templates Chisom Anthony Bethel 4 条评论 0
Shopping Cart Reminders Fattycakesny 3 条评论 4 已回答
Starting a website with a blank template Connor Fawcett 1 条评论 1
Website Reveiw Website Josh 1 条评论 1
Text Boxes Blaine Tanner 11 条评论 4 已回答
Customize BUY NOW button text Karen Vick 2 条评论 1
Share this blog post - LinkedIn Paulo Andrade 1 条评论 2
Link feature for selected text in the store-->products desscription Terry Likens 2 条评论 1
Pop-up bubbles over text Warren Griffiths 1 条评论 4