A White Label Crowd Source Theme andrew 3 条评论 5 已回答
Multiple Pages Oliver Deighton 3 条评论 22 已完成
Would be really great to enable control of font size (by value) and color (by value) on a per-content-block basis. Admin LT 3 条评论 23
FAQ section Kira 3 条评论 28
Automatic LinkedIn updating Carey Lening 3 条评论 22
customer help line Rebecca Boren 3 条评论 5
Separate publish/live and edited/preview version Jaclyn-Pierre Gidel 3 条评论 9 已完成
Set margins between sections (less space on the page) Francisco Pinzón 3 条评论 22
Optional all caps fonts eah13 3 条评论 18
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Need Duplication Buttons for (Blogposts and Webpages) John 2 条评论 0
Organizing Uploaded Files in a Media Library Tool SHIM ART NETWORK 2 条评论 8
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I Want Create a template for weddings Phuongdv 2 条评论 0 已回答
gallery Douglas Harris 2 条评论 0 已回答
Open blog posts in page with same style as the rest of the site Osbert Lancaster 2 条评论 4
A Yoast like plug-in to help improve SEO for blog post Mona 2 条评论 4
台灣支付金流 Kevin 2 条评论 2
Google Sitemap Automatic Configuration Alessandro Pecoraro 2 条评论 1
Display original price cut out next to sale price Eddie 2 条评论 4 已回答
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Video supports in China like Youku,Weibo video. Mr. Leon 2 条评论 0 已完成
Undo All - Revert to last published version of website محمد 2 条评论 -1
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Editable email templates in the simple store; order confirmed, order completed etc. Antonia 2 条评论 3
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Simple Store Rental engine. Scott McLeslie 2 条评论 1 已回答