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Redirect of mydomain.com/page URLs (so not by subdomain but by friendly path) Richard admin Wolfe 3 条评论 8
Insert graphic art with transparency John Zimmerman 3 条评论 15
Improved Gallery for Neater look victorwinardy 3 条评论 13
Custom mobile version Ricardo Peña 3 条评论 14
Would be really great to enable control of font size (by value) and color (by value) on a per-content-block basis. Admin LT 3 条评论 23
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Need Duplication Buttons for (Blogposts and Webpages) John 2 条评论 0
Organizing Uploaded Files in a Media Library Tool SHIM ART NETWORK 2 条评论 8
Open blog posts in page with same style as the rest of the site Osbert Lancaster 2 条评论 4
A Yoast like plug-in to help improve SEO for blog post Mona 2 条评论 4
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Google Sitemap Automatic Configuration Alessandro Pecoraro 2 条评论 1
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Undo All - Revert to last published version of website محمد 2 条评论 -1
Editable email templates in the simple store; order confirmed, order completed etc. Antonia 2 条评论 3
mega sub-menu with picture Tao 2 条评论 4
Identify Multiple Contact Form Leran Liu 2 条评论 4
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