A auto-translate multilingual button so users around the world can read in their own language greg 5 条评论 14
horizontal sliders for images/content Angela Ognev 5 条评论 19
Payment option iDeal & Bancontact Paul 4 条评论 4
Multiple blogs, please? Anne-Geri' Fann 4 条评论 2
Events List (like Squarespace) Morgan 4 条评论 1
More Templates Chisom Anthony Bethel 4 条评论 0
Automatically forward Strikingly sign-up form to an external email database such as Mailchimp Dave Weatherall 4 条评论 6
Make DropDown Menu a linkable item Seb Mireault 4 条评论 5
want add sale tax in Canada chong nie 4 条评论 0
Copy Blog Post 通勤學英語 15mins English Cafe 4 条评论 6
differentiate between where a user fills out a contact form Andrew Kratochwil 4 条评论 2
Allow users to change the amount of space between sections Jason Van Anden 4 条评论 2
Set German as Site language Vincent 4 条评论 8
Captcha for Contact Form Rick Veldman 4 条评论 3
Link Underline option Shally Sarawagi 4 条评论 7
Organizing Gallery Into Albums Justin Kibbel 4 条评论 4
Photo Albums Katy Hartshorn 4 条评论 3
Blog posts should have website header at the top Accountshedgy.co 4 条评论 10
Alipay as payment method Minjie Zou 4 条评论 6
Hyperlink anchor points to specific page of media slider. Greg 4 条评论 6
Site without logo Robert 4 条评论 5
Strikingly in Arabic Happiness Officer 4 条评论 6
Collapsable Body Text Alexander Davie 4 条评论 9
a counter for visitors to my blog vantagian 4 条评论 12
add a testimonial section adeline 4 条评论 25
Re-size and change position of images in simple blog Gemma Remillard 4 条评论 24
Add a Backup/Version Control System Michael Gillam, MD, FACEP 4 条评论 31
Embed polls and/or surveys Admin LT 4 条评论 16
Developer Support (freedom to add code anywhere) Cody Spring 4 条评论 19
Switch navigation bar (or have multiple nav bar choices) Yourastar - Erick Hostachy 4 条评论 20