Need Duplication Buttons for (Blogposts and Webpages)

I think Strikingly is amazing BUT...
- it just needs a couple more buttons... ;)
Two simple requests please make:
1) a duplicate “blogpost” button
2) a duplicate “webpage” button
1) ability to duplicate a blog post...
it’s so painful to keep recreating similar blog posts that I’m not going to use them but would like to...
- a duplicate “blogpost” button is pretty important!
2) ability to duplicate a webpage...
- same thing here why isn’t there a button to recreate a webpage...
- Its almost so painful to re-create similar page content that I almost used my UpViral account for making individual pages vs your system...
- Seriously a duplicate “webpage” button is pretty important!
Thanks much.
With love JP.

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    Yes I agree too :O)

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    Yes, these are basics functions !