Redirect of mydomain.com/page URLs (so not by subdomain but by friendly path)

Remembering/using friendly domains has been part of our companies for quite a while. for instance mydomain.com/evaluation or mydomain.com/form takes you to specific less user friendly URLs inside or outside our domain. This would help our current multi page solution on Strikingly as well (we created blog pages to replace existing pages but now need to change print/posted blogs or use redirects!!!!!!!!!)

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    Happiness Officer
    Thanks for posting your idea! We're reviewing your request and we'll get in touch with your again if we start working on this feature. Thanks again for your suggestion!
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    Sean Young

    this might also be applicable for URL forwarding to third-party applications (google forms, eventbrite registration pages, etc)

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    John Horniblow

    hmmm. I am getting a cannot load page error in Firefox and Safari because they don't accept the redirect of strikingly to my custom domain  .. basically the sudbdomain redirect method is not compatible with the browsers . There fore my site is essentially blind to the internet.