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When you publish there is an annoying popup that asks if you want to share to social media. This needs a box saying "do not see this popup again" that we can check so we don't have to see it every single time we save or publish.

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    Happiness Officer
    Thanks a lot for your feedback! We really like this suggestion and we’re talking about potential solutions among the team now. We’ll keep you updated with the progress. Thanks!
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    Kaylene Jones
    Thank you for the update :)
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    Came to ask the same thing. Seeing the popup multiple times per editing session is a bit annoying. Especially since all the popup tells you is your domain name, which you probably already know.

    Could you add a "do not show this popup again" option, and instead of the popup replace the "!' warning on the publish button with a "tick mark" instead? That way we still get feedback that the upload was successful without having to click to remove the popup.