Delivery cost by Weight

Hi - Flat pricing does not work at all. Can you guys launch a price per item or a price per weight ? To reflect the real delivery price that postal services will charge us.



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    Hi, Ghislain! Our project manager also believes that it is a great idea to have variations on shipping fee for each product, locations, and weight. Currently, it made its way to our top list but we have to reach the required number of votes to pull the trigger. We previously received a similar request so please go to this post to 'upvote' the idea. I will need to close this one so we can gather the votes in a single thread, fast. Thanks for your cooperation! :)


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    Hi again, Ghislain! Thanks again for such a great idea :) We're glad to let you know that shipping fee per item has been released! Please check it out and let us know your thoughts and feedback.