Sales Tax By State

It is ESSENTIAL that I be able to designate a tax rate BY STATE.  I can't charge a flat sales tax across every sale on every item on the site. That just simply isn't how taxes work. 


Please quickly update your capabilities for entering tax rate by state or your simple store is not going to work for me and for many others as well!

Thanks very much! 

I really hope you'll do this because every other aspect of your site and customer service is outstanding and I don't want to be forced to go elsewhere because of this one oversight.

Thank you!



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    Happiness Officer

    Hi, all! f you’re selling products to the United States, you can now collect a different sales tax for each state to comply with new e-commerce tax laws. Check it out and let us know what you think! https://strk.ly/1XL

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    Shawn Storey

    I agree Tim. This should be addressed ASAP or I too will need to look elsewhere. 

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    Savana rose woods Rose woods

    Just had this same problem with 2 new clients. Both decided unhappily to go with including the tax in the sale price. Same goes for shipping. The options of First Item and 2nd Item are useless. It needs to be by weight & state! 

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    David Shaw

    Need this feature ASAP. Been waiting for it for a couple years. Need to be able to designate tax for customers buying from my own state only and not a flat tax across the board for all customers.