Password-protected membership area?

Hi , I want to offer free info to users who sign up in a password-password-protected membership area. I need to find a solution to do this for my strikingly websites. this would be a great function for pro users - or even as a paid add on, or even through an external provider. Trying to figure out a way to make this happen - and sadly thinking about how i might need to find a new home for my sites which would really suck if strikingly can't offer this. I love strikingly and really hoping it might be possible somehow? 

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    Happiness Officer

    Hi, Paul! This is one of the most requested features and we are seriously considering its development soon. We previously received a similar request so please go to this post to 'upvote' the idea (you can also post your comments, feedback, and suggestions). I will need to close this one so we can gather the votes in a single thread, fast. Thanks for your cooperation! :)

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    Happiness Officer

    Hello, Paul! We do have a password function but it protects an entire site. Check out this article and see if it helps. You can also try to reach out to us here (via email) or here (via chat) if you need to talk to anyone of us and figure out how it could work!