Getting BitPay To ACTUALLY Work On / With Strikingly Website

Hello Strikingly Tech Team ,, I was emailed by Daniel , and told by Ms Wendy my chat operator to Post Something here About NEEDING Someone To Figured Out How We're Going To Fiiiinnnaaalllly Get " BitPay " To Work On My Website via Strikingly ,, I was given a folder to be placed or saved on your servers from ecwid.com my payment processor so that BitPay Can & Will Function Properly from customer through the middle people ,, then to my Company's account ,,  We Just Need A Folder / File To Be Saved Or Stored On Strikingly Servers . 

Please Let Me Know What We Can Do In Order For This Little Plugin Type Fix To Actually Happen ASAP .


Thank You All So Very Much .


Take Care .

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    art prynce

    Why Doesnt BitPay Work On Strikingly Websites Yet ???

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    Nathan Jamie Jamie

    Why does no one answer these questions?