Dropdown Menus links to Section on a Page

It the moment, every dropdown menu is a page. But what if I wanted each dropdown to link to a section in a page.

Currently the Backend field to link a dropdown only allows for letter, numbers and hyphens. But if it could allow hashtags and forward slashes, we would technically be able to link to a section of the page?

Or maybe set it up the same way to allow the dropdown to link to a page, a section, an email, or a downloadable PDF. That would even be better!


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    Happiness Officer

    Thanks for your feedback! It is possible to create a dropdown menu item that links to a section, check out our how to guide here, under the "Creating a Dropdown Menu to Sections".

    Let us know if you have any other questions! 

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    Excellent idea! Please integrate this!

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    Seb Mireault

    I managed to get this to work by putting an external link in order to point to a section of that page. But now my issue is that the dropdown menu itself is not a linkable item. So if I wanted my dropdown to be different pages and my menu item to be a page listing all those categories, I can not do that...

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    Cédric Allard

    Can we have feedback on this idea !