Add VAT handling in Store

retail sales in most countries are subjected to VAT or sales Tax.

There are stadrd rates that can easily be applied, what you need to do is collect the stadards rates for the countries / states where strikingly operates.

I need to issue a different bill from the one sent by Strikingly for each customer, because I then need to collect and pay taxes n each item sold or bought.

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    Happiness Officer

    Hello there!

    We're listening and EU VAT can now be added to our Simple Store. Please be advised that adding tax is a Pro feature. Click here to learn more about it.

    All the best!

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    Same issue here, showing the total price without and with VAT is a legal obligation in France / EU :



    The only current way around at the moment is to send another bill manually for each product sold which is a real deal breaker in using Strikingly as a steady selling plateform.

    At least, please allow us to add VAT rates in % in simple shop similarly to what you are offering to your US customers.

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    Ka Tung cheung budde

    I have same problem here in Denmark.
    I strongly recommended please add the VAT tool for customer outside US.