Gallery with slider, text & enlargement

The slider section with text is okay BUT you don't know what the next image will be.
My suggestion would be similar to


but with text for each 'slide'.  You can then click the photo you want to see say 'Master bedroom', the image has the text 'Master bedroom' and you can enlarge the photo with text if you want to.  It also works on a slider with text.

If I showcase, say 6 beaches, it is important that the guest knows which beach they are looking at.  It is important to have a 'picking' area.  So lets say I feature 20 images of countryside and 10 images of beaches.  The person who is only interested in beaches doesn't want to scroll through 20 images of the countryside before they get to beaches.

I hope this makes sense to you - if not - please feel free to contact me.