Ability To Change <link rel=canonical...> Tag

Currently, Strikingly automatically writes a link rel=canonical tag on every page and blog post. The tag it writes declares the page as the authoritative version of the page. There is no way to modify the tag. This makes it impossible to publish a syndicated article from another site or blog on which we need to write a rel=canonical tag pointing to the original source site. This is  SEO 101 for bloggers. Please provide us the ability to write our own rel=canonical tag or access to modify the tag which Strikingly writes automatically.


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    I'm four and a half years old in Strikingly and I just realized this problem.

    In the source code of each of the pages of my web the "canonical" label points to itself.

    This is a serious error for the positioning of Google. All the pages should indicate that the canonical website is the main page.

    This means that all the entries in the blog, the rest of pages to expand services to my clients, all the improvements we have tried to make on our website and all the changes we have made with SEO in mind, are useless because Google considers that it is duplicate content or at least, independent pages that are not linked to our main website.

    Please rectify the canonical label. It is the most serious mistake I have seen since working with you.

    You can not imagine how many hours I have dedicated to improve the positioning of the web and that now I have realized that they have not served for anything but to harm me.

    Act fast.