Combine / Merge Sections

Hi there, my idea is simply to have an option to merge or combine sections once they have been placed into the site.

I like Strikingly but have one frustration about the strikingly way of constructing a website - each section is separate.

This means if I start with a title on a background to introduce a new subject and then add a section with pictures and text under it, I have to choose which of the two sections to show in the menu and which of them to hide. If I choose the main content, a visitor to the site may click on the menu and wonder why it has jumped to a part of the site with no title. But if I choose the title, a visitor scrolling down will notice that nothing is highlighted in the menu. Where are they?

I recognise that a previous idea mentioning combining sections was answered with a new 'custom section' facility, but this is sometimes rather hard to adapt. The ability to combine simple sections would speed up workflow for the designer and improve navigation once published.