Publicize blog posts via connected accounts

For folks using the Blog feature, it would be great to have the ability to connect social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) and have new blog posts be automatically pushed out to those connected accounts.


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    Happiness Officer
    Thanks for posting your idea! We're reviewing this request and we'll update with you if we start working on this feature. Thanks again for your suggestion!
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    Yes yes please. Thanks Corinne for posting this suggestion. While we can manually post to twitter and facebook via Strikingly, to be able to automatically post the links to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ would be idea. As an interim, even if Strikingly team could include buttons for Linkedin and Google+ to do it manually... that would be ok. Warmly, David

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    Happiness Officer

    Hey there! 

    We don't have automatic sharing yet but we do have the option of adding sharing buttons for Site and Blog footer (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn):   

    Go over the footer with your mouse and click "EDIT". You will be able to customize your Social Media Sharing options for your footer. Is that where you were looking for @David? 

    Let me know about any further feedback!