"see more" feature in the gallery

As a photographer who would love to post a fairly large portfolio, I would love to see a "see more" feature added to the gallery. When scrolling through my business site, it can be very distracting/frustrating to scroll through a ton of images to get to the bottom where my contact info is. For mobile this has to be much worse!


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    "Show More" for galleries is here! We've redesigned the gallery section and implemented the "Show More" button for all galleries on Strikingly. Depending on your site visitor's screen width and how many images you've uploaded, the "Show More" option will automatically appear at the bottom of the gallery section like this: 

    We hope this update will be useful for you!


    Susan Lou
    Product at Strikingly

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    Thanks for posting your idea! We're looking into your suggestion and we'll keep you posted once we start working on this feature. Thanks again for your feedback!