Upgrade Google Analytics tag to Universal

Hey, The current Google Analytics tag included with Limited accounts still uses the obsolete Classic Tag thus making certain important configurations impossible. Not the least is the crossdomain tracking that with Universal Analytics is configured in the GA admin whereas with Classic GA it had to be done in the code itself... which isn't possible with Limited Strikingly accounts :-( Cross domain tracking seems to me to be an essential config when creating external Landing Pages with Strikingly that you want to track in the same GA account as a main site. I don't think it should require going from 8$ to 16$ / month do you ? Cheers, Chris


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    Happiness Officer
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re looking into upgrading Google Analytics tag to Limited users and how it can be effectively implemented. For the mean time, you can always send us a request so we can put the tag the complete HTML tag on your site.