Integrate Strikingly with Moroccan Credit cards

Moroccans can't pay with their credit cards on strikingly due to the exchange office quotas and limitations. Here in morocco SMBs spend about 300-800$/year in making and maintaing pretty ugly landing pages with unreliable hosting. You can integrate with Moroccan credits card using "Adyen.com", that's what Uber did "http://tech.eu/brief/adyen-uber/" Or you can get the help of "Dare Inc" startup accelerator to take care of implementation and legal procedures with the American Chamber of commerce.


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    Happiness Officer
    Thank you for sending this in! I see that you want more options for the payment system, especially for Moroccan credit cards. I’ll have the team review your idea and see what they think! Thanks again for your feedback!
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    Hamza berryane

    WE NEED IT ! WE NEED Moroccan Currency !!!!