Web Developer / Agency / Freelancer plan

Develop a 'business plan' for users who want to develop and manage strikingly websites for their clients. This would include: -more sites/purchase through account -manage multiple email/users -ability to edit templates more/add more code -colabeling?


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    Happiness Officer

    Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting for the launch of our Reseller/Agency program! Our reseller program enables entrepreneurs and agencies of all sizes to quickly build landing pages, online stores and websites for SMBs.

    Check out details here: https://www.strikingly.com/reseller-program


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    Carlos Eduardo
    I love the WYSIWYG Strikingly interface. I'm Carlos (dadado.strikingly.com), I have a company that is a small network of curated creative professionals (contracc.strikingly.com) and would like to have the ability to create multiple accounts for my designers, developers, motion designers and etc. to showcase theyr profiles in my website, without the strikingly branding and paying for a single account, because it would be very expensive to scale my business using the platform with the current plans.
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    John Stein
    You guys really should give consideration to supporting agencies better. Your stuff rocks, but we are going to have to start looking for other answers because you don’t support agencies very well. Your system assumes that that group setting up the site is the same group that uses the site. We need the ability to have multiple organizations/individuals' sites up under our account, private labeling, the ability to have multiple logins for the linkedin site, etc., Even email confirmations coming from your system need our branding - not yours. We still plan on using you where we can, but the lack of an agency model keeps presenting roadblocks and is costing you more sites. If it changes, please let us know because you have great stuff. We just want to be able to use it in ways that might be a little different from how you originally envisioned. But, my guess is that agencies will also bring you a lot more sites per account than you currently experience.
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    Angela Ognev
    Here's more information on how we encourage resellers to set up their accounts for now -- please continue to post comments below! http://support.strikingly.com/knowledgebase/articles/300343-affiliate-reseller-white-label-agency If you'd like to make commission on spreading the word about Strikingly, you can join our affiliate program here: http://support.strikingly.com/knowledgebase/articles/355330-become-a-strikingly-affiliate