Collapsable Body Text

Collapsable Text Bodies. The basic premise of this idea is to permit the editor to assign a parent/child relationship to two text boxes (for instance, in the Feature Listing and Big Features section models) such that the title text can be clicked/tapped to expand/collapse the text. This would allow for more mobile-friendly adaptation of pages otherwise dense with text, and greater navigability of pages from an end-user perspective (creating greater visibility for Strikingly, getting you more customers!!!) The "parent" or title text could have a link option which is specific to an expand/collapse command to the subsequent text box. I hope this helps! THIS WOULD BE VERY COOL


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    Happiness Officer
    Thanks for your idea, Alex! We know that it's important to have a stronger and more robust text editing tool to achieve the look you'd like for your website. We're reviewing this request and we'll get in touch with you again if we start working on this feature. Thanks again for your suggestion!
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    Larry Novida

    Definitely need this feature on our site.

    The Show More feature works great on a Gallery section.  Would love the same feature on a text section.

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    Natasha Hayles
    This feature is exactly what my site needs, we need to get a lot of information to client base, some of whom are technically aware and others who have no knowledge. To capture everyone the collapsible function giving the end user control over how much information they need to see at a given moment. Feedback from our clients is that text is heavy looking.
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    Pleeeease can you offer that function?!?!!?!?!?