Make an in app editing website

I really want your app to make it to where I can edit my website in the app instead of going online. thanks! please have that!!


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    Allen Flores Beltran
    Hi, Henry! I guess you're referring to our iOS app--thank you for this idea. We'll check into it and keep you posted!
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    Ray sullivan Cyber House Media
    When Do you or do you think you will add an app template like register365.com in the UK. I could really sell these to clients Ray
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    Natalie schutte

    The fact that I cannot make changes or use Ecommerce using my IPad Pro means I cannot use this host which is sad. I can't go out and purchase a computer just so I can make changes to my site. With the new IPad Pro, it is basically like a computer and should be treated as such. Please work on developing this before you lose lots of customers are on the go and love using their iPad's.