Automatically forward Strikingly sign-up form to an external email database such as Mailchimp

Strikingly's sign-up form is very visually appealing. And there's plenty of layouts which integrate this feature well.

However, if we want to use an external email service such as Mailchimp. We are limited with layout options as we cannot embed HTML in the Hero, Sign-up Form, or Contact Us section.

I am forced to use Mailchimp HTML codes because without it, I can't create an automated campaign. The positives of a visually appealing sign up form is outweighed by the extra effort and delay involved to have to download every sign-up from Strikingly then upload to Mailchimp. And then send campaigns manually to new sign-ups.

The problem with this is that we have to manually download every sign-up to manage them externally in an advanced email management system.

So, here's two suggestions:

  • Can sign ups from Strikingly's forms be automatically uploaded / forwarded to our Mailchimp databases?
  • Or, can Strikingly include an option for HTML code on every layout such as Hero (not just HTML and Make Your Own).

The first suggestion would obviously be the most effective.


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    Clemens Grave

    I also think this is a great idea!! There is a mailchimp integration for strikingly however, its design is unfortunately by far not as good. 

    Therefore, I would also highly appreciate a direct connection between the strikingly sign-up and MailChimp

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    Debra DiPietro

    I second this. I use Aweber and I would like to be able to have automated email campaigns when people sign up on my Strinkingly contact form. I feel this is essential to have Strikingly integrated with my email service Aweber.    

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    this would be so great !!! i am not using strikingly because of that ! 

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    Hope they can respond to this - I haven't really developed/pushed an email signups simply because I'm worried about this, knowing I want to utilize MailChimp long term versus Strikingly's system (which as of now, I can't imagine being very helpful with high amounts of signups).