Make DropDown Menu a linkable item

Currently, the dropdown feature does not do anything when you click on the menu link that makes the dropdown list appear.

If I would like to have a page that displays all the categories of my dropdown menu when you click on the menu bar, but a different page for each item in the dropdown list.


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    Allegra Catolfi Salvoni

    SAME!! Very frustrating set up so far.

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    Joanne Van Altena

    Yes, very good idea!! I have got the same feeling! I would like to make the Dropdown menu itself clickable and lead into it's own page/linkable to other pages. Instead of just containers for organizing pages.

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    Rodrigo Rojas

    The same for me! Looks like awkward how it is now. It need to be improved!

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    Paul Bruno

    Just to be very clear by example. The drop down menu you or the "parent folder" which displays as a block at the top of the page does not have a click feature allowing you to link to the page itself. Example extended, Drop down menu "shop"  with links to different categories but the word shop itself isn't a clickable option.  Which it should be.

    not sure if I can do this but I would also like to add that you cannot adjust the size of the text boxes that populate the drop down so that they match the drop down title. example if the top word is long like 8 characters but the options on the list are like 4 characters it shrinks the menu below the drop down to fit only the 4 characters.