Get jotform Tom 1 commentaire 11 votes Aucun
Blog preview options Emily Seitz 2 commentaires 11 votes Aucun
Be able to replicate a section 1:1 with a click. k.ivaylo 3 commentaires 11 votes Terminée
Automatically posted a LinkedIn and Twitter notification of new blog posts Allen Flores Beltran 1 commentaire 11 votes Aucun
Facebook Social Plugin Vaughan Haysom 1 commentaire 11 votes Aucun
members login Bill Jackson 16 commentaires 10 votes Répondu
Automated email sign up upload into mailchimp Sophie 7 commentaires 10 votes Aucun
Add a search feature on the site and/or blog Marion Pirazzi 7 commentaires 10 votes Terminée
more store PLEASE!!! Nkruma 9 commentaires 10 votes Terminée
Blog posts should have website header at the top 4 commentaires 10 votes Aucun
provide a/b testing facility with conversion metrics Anonymous 5 commentaires 10 votes Aucun
Custom Email receiving and sending Orkhan 3 commentaires 10 votes Aucun
Blog improvements simon 5 commentaires 10 votes Planifiée
Transitions Brandon Reynolds 1 commentaire 10 votes Aucun
communicate with other Strikingly members. Especially if I have an interest in their talents,hobbies or business. Sybil Presley 3 commentaires 10 votes Répondu
provide Gmail login and signup for new users.!! Chaitanya 1 commentaire 10 votes Répondu
rss feed Jompeame 3 commentaires 10 votes Terminée
Text over photographs with a contrast enhance panel Trevor 2 commentaires 10 votes Aucun
Arbitrary HTML content in Simple Blogs Andrei-Adnan Ismail 3 commentaires 10 votes Terminée
Google Map that doesn't zoom unless mouse click first salemsouthbaltimore 2 commentaires 10 votes Aucun
Spellchecker (or allow native spell checker to work) Eric 2 commentaires 10 votes Aucun
Allow Users to Alter Text In the Product Confirmation Emails (Via Simple Store feature) Anita 6 commentaires 9 votes Aucun
Meta tags for each page on multi-page site for better SEO Ben 13 commentaires 9 votes Répondu
file transfer protocol (FTP) functionality Laura 6 commentaires 9 votes Aucun
Google Maps - Custom Pins masley.dean 1 commentaire 9 votes Répondu
Spacing between Sections Pat 3 commentaires 9 votes Terminée
Option to hide time & date in blog area Tom 7 commentaires 9 votes Terminée
More Analytics Options Ramon 3 commentaires 9 votes Aucun
Integrate Strikingly with Moroccan Credit cards Elouafiq Ali 2 commentaires 9 votes Aucun
Expose APIs to allow for automation of site configurations and admin operations Diego 2 commentaires 9 votes Aucun