A auto-translate multilingual button so users around the world can read in their own language greg 5 commentaires 14 votes Aucun
I want to track multiple forms / signups/... in GA. Thus, a distinction between for example 2 form submissions would be great! mathieu 1 commentaire 14 votes Aucun
Social Login for the visitors Branko 2 commentaires 13 votes Répondu
Slider luke andrews 1 commentaire 16 votes Aucun
More options to import images Stephanie 1 commentaire 18 votes Aucun
Make text box background/opacity customisable. James Murdoch 1 commentaire 16 votes Terminée
rss feed Jompeame 3 commentaires 10 votes Terminée
individual site access passwords for each subscriber Buzby 1 commentaire 17 votes Aucun
Improve LinkedIn profile import sptkrishnan 6 commentaires 21 votes Répondu
Facebook Pages - allow for pages NOT personal profiles to be linked. Please!! Andres Vargas 5 commentaires 15 votes Terminée
Remove Strikingly branding from notification emails for Pro users Happiness Officer 5 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Google+ Social Connection Button Anonymous 1 commentaire 8 votes Terminée
undo myoonnyc 2 commentaires 8 votes Terminée
Have sound on new Video Slide :) Sound is essential :) The Dude 2 commentaires 27 votes Répondu
Optional all caps fonts eah13 3 commentaires 18 votes Aucun
Allow font sizes (change size via text box) Anonymous 1 commentaire 6 votes Terminée
Separate publish/live and edited/preview version Jaclyn-Pierre Gidel 3 commentaires 9 votes Terminée
Multiple Video Embeds / videographers template Linda 7 commentaires 16 votes Terminée
Developer Support (freedom to add code anywhere) Cody Spring 4 commentaires 19 votes Aucun
horizontal sliders for images/content Angela Ognev 5 commentaires 19 votes Aucun
Fully edit page objects sara 4 commentaires 45 votes Répondu
Change section type/layout after editing ntmunger 4 commentaires 26 votes Terminée
Have a friend edit the page with me (multiple admins) Stephan Nordnes Eriksen 4 commentaires 40 votes Terminée
Blogging on Strikingly (native blog section or feature) Leah N 6 commentaires 27 votes Terminée
...transfer ‘sections’ to any template John B 16 commentaires 62 votes Terminée
Allow to download a PDF/resume hosted on my site Anonymous 6 commentaires 42 votes Terminée
Duplicate content blocks Admin LT 1 commentaire 12 votes Aucun
Automatic LinkedIn updating Carey Lening 3 commentaires 22 votes Aucun
safe harbor scheme avranaki 1 commentaire 1 vote Aucun
Ebay app Guo Yang 1 commentaire 2 votes Aucun