Support SVG files guy_coelho 5 commentaires 15 votes Aucun
Background Video Fallback Option for Mobile Clients Maximilian 5 commentaires 25 votes Aucun
Blog Layla Shaikley 5 commentaires 39 votes Terminée
Justify alignment option for text formatting (not only right, left and center) Darya Boyko 5 commentaires 18 votes Terminée
Be able to sort published pictures in albums/folders. Irena Zabinska 5 commentaires 20 votes Aucun
Comment with Facebook on Blog Allen Flores Beltran 5 commentaires 21 votes Répondu
Be able to move the external link to the top so multiple pages can be linked as a single page Foundups 5 commentaires 14 votes Terminée
Add additional Chinese fonts Michael X 5 commentaires 9 votes Planifiée
Remove Strikingly branding from notification emails for Pro users Happiness Officer 5 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
A auto-translate multilingual button so users around the world can read in their own language greg 5 commentaires 14 votes Aucun
horizontal sliders for images/content Angela Ognev 5 commentaires 19 votes Aucun
add paypal to pay for strikingly Anonymous 5 commentaires 6 votes Terminée
signup function to collect names and email addresses from potential customers Allen Jiang 5 commentaires 4 votes Terminée
Ability to hide product in store Roy 4 commentaires 6 votes Répondu
Payment option iDeal & Bancontact Paul 4 commentaires 2 votes Aucun
Sales Tax By State Tim 4 commentaires 1 vote Terminée
Need payment integrations for India Raj 4 commentaires 3 votes Répondu
Multiple blogs, please? Anne-Geri' Fann 4 commentaires 2 votes Aucun
Events List (like Squarespace) Morgan 4 commentaires 1 vote Aucun
More Templates Chisom Anthony Bethel 4 commentaires 0 votes Aucun
Automatically forward Strikingly sign-up form to an external email database such as Mailchimp Dave Weatherall 4 commentaires 6 votes Aucun
Make DropDown Menu a linkable item Seb Mireault 4 commentaires 5 votes Aucun
Dropdown Menus links to Section on a Page Seb Mireault 4 commentaires 3 votes Terminée
want add sale tax in Canada chong nie 4 commentaires 0 votes Aucun
Copy Blog Post 通勤學英語 15mins English Cafe 4 commentaires 6 votes Aucun
differentiate between where a user fills out a contact form Andrew Kratochwil 4 commentaires 2 votes Aucun
Allow users to change the amount of space between sections Jason Van Anden 4 commentaires 2 votes Aucun
Set German as Site language Vincent 4 commentaires 8 votes Aucun
Improve Simple Store for Selling Ebooks (Customer Reviews) Dave Weatherall 4 commentaires 8 votes Répondu
Captcha for Contact Form Rick Veldman 4 commentaires 4 votes Aucun