Automatic LinkedIn updating Carey Lening 3 commentaires 22 votes Aucune
Set margins between sections (less space on the page) Francisco Pinzón 3 commentaires 22 votes Aucune
Schedule Blog Posts Michelle Greenman 15 commentaires 21 votes Aucune
Improve LinkedIn profile import sptkrishnan 6 commentaires 21 votes Avec réponse
Comment with Facebook on Blog Allen Flores Beltran 5 commentaires 21 votes Avec réponse
Web Developer / Agency / Freelancer plan Scott Dawley 4 commentaires 21 votes Terminée
Expandable sections (or expand piece of text) Scott McLeslie 19 commentaires 21 votes Avec réponse
More font typeface choices (or easy google font integration). Anonymous 7 commentaires 21 votes Terminée
Integrate with Zapier Swann 24 commentaires 20 votes Aucune
customise style colours Karen Bransby 3 commentaires 20 votes Terminée
Images, Files, Backup/recovery David 3 commentaires 20 votes Avec réponse
Password protected sub pages goutammajumder 28 commentaires 19 votes Terminée
Cookies warning Burcet 7 commentaires 19 votes Terminée
Be able to sort published pictures in albums/folders. Irena Zabinska 5 commentaires 19 votes Aucune
Developer Support (freedom to add code anywhere) Cody Spring 4 commentaires 19 votes Aucune
Switch navigation bar (or have multiple nav bar choices) Yourastar - Erick Hostachy 4 commentaires 19 votes Aucune
Page Duplication Steve Ashton 24 commentaires 18 votes Terminée
Justify alignment option for text formatting (not only right, left and center) Darya Boyko 5 commentaires 18 votes Terminée
horizontal sliders for images/content Angela Ognev 5 commentaires 18 votes Aucune
Optional all caps fonts eah13 3 commentaires 18 votes Aucune
Allow visitors comments Olivier 2 commentaires 17 votes Aucune
More options to import images Stephanie 1 commentaire 17 votes Aucune
Make an in app editing website Nathan Henry 3 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Customizing the blog preview image Happiness Officer 3 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Remove Strikingly branding from notification emails for Pro users Happiness Officer 5 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Inactive Section in Sidebar (or publish state / unpublish state) Chris Hopf 7 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Icon library (for social media, cool flat graphics, etc) Mended Hearts 4 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Add Search rkjain034 11 commentaires 16 votes Terminée
Branding on Blogs Richard Young 2 commentaires 16 votes Aucune
Affordable pricing for multi-page Pro sites using same root domain Malcolm Greene 5 commentaires 16 votes Terminée