Add CTA button to "App intro" section Jah Ying 1 commentaire 4 votes Terminée
Allow users to change site accent color Jess 1 commentaire 3 votes Terminée
signup function to collect names and email addresses from potential customers Allen Jiang 5 commentaires 4 votes Terminée
Gallery Page Upload Picture at once Kento 1 commentaire 9 votes Terminée
add a "notify me" button peter li 1 commentaire 4 votes Terminée
Add social media features/columns to ION & Perspective themes Flora Baculard 2 commentaires 4 votes Terminée
More sections on a site Anna Hurley 2 commentaires 3 votes Terminée
Soundcloud/Audio Embed Integration Anonymous 4 commentaires 6 votes Terminée
add support for google analytics Erik 7 commentaires 6 votes Terminée
add paypal to pay for strikingly Anonymous 5 commentaires 6 votes Terminée
Add Linkedin Button Allen Flores Beltran 3 commentaires 8 votes Terminée
Make text box background/opacity customisable. James Murdoch 1 commentaire 16 votes Terminée
rss feed Jompeame 3 commentaires 10 votes Terminée
Facebook Pages - allow for pages NOT personal profiles to be linked. Please!! Andres Vargas 5 commentaires 15 votes Terminée
Remove Strikingly branding from notification emails for Pro users Happiness Officer 5 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Google+ Social Connection Button Anonymous 1 commentaire 8 votes Terminée
undo myoonnyc 2 commentaires 8 votes Terminée
Allow font sizes (change size via text box) Anonymous 1 commentaire 6 votes Terminée
Separate publish/live and edited/preview version Jaclyn-Pierre Gidel 3 commentaires 9 votes Terminée
Multiple Video Embeds / videographers template Linda 7 commentaires 16 votes Terminée
Change section type/layout after editing ntmunger 4 commentaires 26 votes Terminée
Have a friend edit the page with me (multiple admins) Stephan Nordnes Eriksen 4 commentaires 40 votes Terminée
Blogging on Strikingly (native blog section or feature) Leah N 6 commentaires 27 votes Terminée
...transfer ‘sections’ to any template John B 16 commentaires 63 votes Terminée
Allow to download a PDF/resume hosted on my site Anonymous 6 commentaires 42 votes Terminée