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Simple Store Shipping Cost for each item David Shaw 13 commentaires 24 votes Terminée
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Justify alignment option for text formatting (not only right, left and center) Darya Boyko 5 commentaires 18 votes Terminée
Make an in app editing website Nathan Henry 3 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Customizing the blog preview image Happiness Officer 3 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
Remove Strikingly branding from notification emails for Pro users Happiness Officer 5 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
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Icon library (for social media, cool flat graphics, etc) Mended Hearts 4 commentaires 17 votes Terminée
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Affordable pricing for multi-page Pro sites using same root domain Malcolm Greene 5 commentaires 16 votes Terminée
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Make text box background/opacity customisable. James Murdoch 1 commentaire 16 votes Terminée
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Facebook Pages - allow for pages NOT personal profiles to be linked. Please!! Andres Vargas 5 commentaires 15 votes Terminée
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Be able to move the external link to the top so multiple pages can be linked as a single page Foundups 5 commentaires 14 votes Terminée
Recurring and Subscription payments option. Jylani maat azaan 9 commentaires 13 votes Terminée
Image Size/Specification Sheets (guidelines for users) Chris Hopf 12 commentaires 13 votes Terminée
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