Ala carte features


I talked with Ricky from your tech support and he suggested I send you a suggestion I offered him.  

I have a site I've built for my son to help him promote himself as a prospective college football recruit.  I would like to password protect this site to minimize it's access to certain viewers. However, the only way you currently offer this feature is in the Pro plan. The problem is, I do not need ANY of the other features of the Pro plan other than password protection. If I built this site in Wordpress, which I've considered doing, I could have that feature for free. My suggestion is that you offer password protection as an ala carte feature offering and maybe charge a $1 or $2 a month for it. I bet many other Strikingly users would be interested in this feature as well, who aren't willing to pay for a bunch of unnecessary Pro plan features.  There may be some other individual Pro plan features people would pay for as well, but aren't interested in the whole plan.

Thanks for your consideration!

Mark Galloway

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