Custom URLs for blog posts that are different from their title

Currently the URL of a blog post is generated automatically based on its title: (i.e. /blog/blog-title)

Could you please consider adding the option to create a custom URL that is different from the blog post title? 

Issue No. 1

If you publish a blog post in a language that is not supported, a sequence of random letters & numbers (punycode) might be generated. By being able to create a custom URL, we can make it more readable.(Example: instead of /blog/sk23dfjha887dsfhfdsafj, we can have /blog/article_45 or /blog/transcription_of_the_title_in_English).

Issue No. 2

AFTER the publication of a blog post, it might be necessary to change/update its title. However, if the post has been already shared on social media etc., it might not be possible to update the title without breaking the shared link.

A custom URL for blog posts could resolve the aforementioned issues.

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    Strikingly Tech
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    Thank you so much for your patience!

    We’ve just released "Custom Blog Url" functionality to all Pro Users. Click here for more details about this feature.

    We hope you find this feature useful! If you have any questions, please email us at support@strikingly.com or chat with us. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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    Dave Weatherall

    Yes please! + 1

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