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Your new store option is great, but in order for it to work I would need capability to list far more than the 20 products allowed.  Is that something that you are planning for the near future?

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    Quick update here - we've increased the product limit to 300 products per shop for Pro users. Hope this helps and please feel free to let us know your other thoughts on Simple Store in the future. :D




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    I agree...More products would make it even better.


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    Happiness Officer

    Thanks for the feedback! We've increased the product limit to 100 products per shop for PRO users. Hope this helps with your store's growth! :)



    Susan Lou 
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    David Shaw

    There are two very crucial features needed to make Simple Store truly useful:


    1) Be able to specify a different shipping dollar amount for individual products and not have it be a blanket dollar amount for all products in the store.  For example if my store sold a piano and sold a coffee mug, I should be able to specify a different dollar for the vastly different items' shipping cost.

    2) Be able to specify which states in the USA will be charged sales tax and not have it be a blanket tax applied to all States.  If I am a California seller, I will collect sales tax in California but not in any other state.

    These are two important features I wish Strikingly can implement ASAP for me to want to continue on Strikingly.  Otherwise I may have to look for a shopping-specific web builder but I'd prefer to stay with Strikingly, just need these key and very important features in Simple Store.


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