A gallery-like navigation for blog posts

It would be great if there would be more options for the navigation of blog posts as opposed to the only option that exists at the moment, which is a small circular icon of the blog's headline image. I'd love it if there was an option to have a navigation similar to the gallery navigation so that there are large images for each blog post, and maybe when you put the mouse over the image it fades and some superimposed text appears (the title of the post, for example).

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    Happiness Officer
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    Thanks for your idea! We've recently designed new layout options for Simple Blog. Simply click on the [LAYOUT] button in the top right corner of the blog section to switch through different designs. See below:

    Hope you like the designs, we'd love to hear your feedback. Happy blogging! 

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    Happiness Officer

    Hi Ariana, 

    We will start working soon on Blog improvements so we will add this to our TO DO list :) We will update this idea in case we start working on it so you can receive a notification!  

    Thanks for reaching out!



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