the ability to include videos as part of photo galleries, specifically in the IVORY template.

I have a project portfolio, and each gallery section is a different project. Most of my projects have photos and videos. I'd like to be able to have a gallery section that consists of both photos and videos. Currently I have to have a separate section for all videos, so I have to leave a note to go to the VIDEOS section, and the user has to look through my videos to find the right one.

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    In the gallery section, you can add both videos and photos. If you scroll to the bottom of the gallery section, you'll see the option to add both videos and images like here: 

    Hope that helps! 

    Susan Lou
    Product at Strikingly 

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    Thanks for posting your idea. We know that with a wide array of tools and features are important for building an awesome webpage. We're reviewing your request and we'll update you as soon as we start working on this feature. Thanks again for your feedback!

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