Hyperlink anchor points to specific page of media slider.

The ability to have a URL anchor point www.yoursite.strikingly.com/#2c the "c" would represent the 3rd image of a media slider. This would allow me to have visitors jump to specific pages from wihtin text or to inform customer inquires or sales that visitors can go to a specific section of the media slider on image 3.

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    Happiness Officer
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    Thanks for posting your idea! We’re reviewing this request and we’ll update with you if we start working on this feature. Thanks again for your suggestion!
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    Janie Jones

    Yes! Has this featured been added? Hyperlink anchors would make the world a better place. Please add #AnchorsAndAnimation


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    I would really like page anchors also! Would be awesome!!!

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    please add this feature!!! Internal hyperlinks!


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