Soundcloud/Audio Embed Integration

Striking.ly would be PERFECT if it had Soundcloud integration OR just plain audio uploading capabilities.

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    Angela Ognev
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    Soundcloud is now an App -- you can access this through the Apps & Embeds section! Additionally, you can use the "media" feature to add soundcloud or other non-video links. Here's a link of what that media section is capable of: http://support.strikingly.com/knowledgebase/articles/175899
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    Greg McClure
    Can you add a flash player so I can play my new Rocket Town Radio station? Here is my stream URL: http://peridot.streamguys.com:5740/live.m3u This would be the most exciting thing to happen today if it can be done! --Greg
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    Deezer as well !
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    ditto. I can't switch from my crappy but soundcloud-funtional website because I NEED soundcloud.....
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