Change section type/layout after editing

It would be great not to have to start all over by adding a new section when I want to change the section type. This might involve: -- being able to switch the section type while keeping the content in tact -- a button that swaps the layout of the section (gives me a couple extra options, as far as the ordering and sizing of items) -- being able to easily copy and paste rich text from one box to another

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    Thank you for your patience while we worked on this feature. We've just released a major editor update which includes a new section layout system. You'll be able to rearrange the layouts of sections with just a click of a button! Check out the new feature here: http://support.strikingly.com/hc/en-us/articles/215046277-Change-Section-Layout We're looking forward to hearing your feedback about it!

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    Massimo Caputo
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    yes for sure.
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    Gabriel Fancher
    i need this too
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