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sometimes you have a blog post that is important that you always want to show... and it might be old.   There is no way to hard-code what blogs you highlight without changing dates.. which become inauthentic.

The blog posts are as much marketing as they are a chronology of thinking.  The current implementation is about the chronology, but we are missing the marketing impact of being able to post certain blog posts in combinations that might support a separate marketing campaign.

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    Happiness Officer
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    Thanks for your patience! We just released blog categorization. Try it out and please let us know what you think :). 

    Happy blogging!

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    Happiness Officer

    Hi Jim, 

    We'll start working on Blog improvements soon so we will add this to our TO DO list :) We will update this idea when we start working on it so you can receive a notification!  

    Thanks for reaching out!




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    The "adding simple blog categories" is not enough for people who really want to have a professional blog page ... The font / color of font are too small / do not show enough. Clients won't click on them.

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