Blogging: adding categories

Adding the option to use categories would greatly improve blogging. In terms of user friendly interfaces, you've done a great job. For starters, it's ok with the options simple blog offers, but if I'll continue posting in the blog section, I consider moving the blog to another platform, unless you add a "categories feature"

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    Happiness Officer
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    Thanks for your patience! We've just released a way for categorizing blogs. Try it out and let us know if it's helpful


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    Happiness Officer

    Hi Adrian, 

    We will start working on Blog improvements soon so we will add this to our TO DO list :) We will update this idea when we start working on it so you can receive a notification!  

    Thanks for reaching out!



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    Maya Talisa

    Yes categories would be great! As I transition into a more interactive and regular blog schedule I will also need to switch out to another platform if the blog option on strikingly is not a bit more developed.

    Great work so far! :)

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