richmedia section

A section special for a vidéo player with more interactions into the « Big media » by example.

Not so complicate than Webdoc but a section more « richmedia » for showing more ressources about one topic in the same section. picture in picture, video in video, links...

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    oui à 100% pour une section richmedia opérationnelle !!!

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    Happiness Officer

    Hey there! 

    We are going to look into this to see how we can improve our Media section. Could you maybe be more specific about what resources you would need on your media section? It will help to understand better how can we help. Webdoc is not something we will get to any time soon, we try to keep it simple but we are understand there is a lot to improve on.

    Thanks! We will keep you updated!



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    Thank you Aura for this comment. It will be really great if we can add some interactive buttons on a video or picture. These buttons could link other ressources like video, picture, text, website... and secondly it could be nice to chapter a video with buttons too.

    I hope my english is clear. thanks.


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